Using Gartner’s estimate that the average cost of Network downtime At $ 5,600 per minute or $ 336,000 per hour, few would argue that regular testing of a robust disaster recovery (DR) plan is essential for an enterprise. Even if you skip the financial implications, the lost productivity, missed opportunities, brand damage and potential data loss, and SLA payouts related to system downtime should be enough to keep even the most die-hard IT professional busy at night.

Why are fewer organizations doing than you might think? In the last research We interviewed 150 technical and business decision makers from organizations across a broad cross-section of UK companies. We found that the frequency of DR testing is remarkably low. In fact, 57% only test annually or at less frequent intervals, while 6% have not tested their DR at all. Of the less frequently tested organizations, 44% of the results from their last test led …

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