Test of the E-Voting system: 2700 Hacker want to attack Post – view

Since today, the Swiss Post has launched E-Voting System is put to the test. Approximately 2700 the IT-Security specialists and hackers try to make any security problems. Three-quarters of the applications come from abroad.

The so-called intrusion test for the Postal System to e-voting lasts for a month. Anyone who finds a security hole, depending on the Severity of the gap, a premium of up to 50’000 Swiss francs. In total, a compensation of a maximum of 150’000 Swiss francs is provided.

Geneva’s E-Voting System provides a

In the year 2000, the Parliament had decided in principle that preparations for electronic voting in Switzerland. The E-Voting System, the Post has been used according to the Yellow giant since 2016 in the cantons of Thurgau, neuchâtel, Fribourg and Basel-city in 11 elections and voting, without complications.

The introduction of E-Voting is, however, controversial. The Canton of Geneva, one of the pioneers of electronic voting, is set as last November announced the operation of its system at the end of February 2020. Hackers of the Chaos Computer Club had shown how the data traffic of Tuning can be redirected to the wrong Server.

The contract of the cantons of Geneva were of Aargau, Basel-city, Bern, Lucerne, St. Gallen and Vaud. The Geneva platform until 2019, in use, in particular for the Federal elections.

E-Voting Initiative launched

To view a non-partisan Committee the people should decide on the Swiss-wide introduction of E-Voting. At the end of January, the launch of a popular initiative was announced, therefore, for a Moratorium on E-Voting. In justification it was said that E-Voting is insecure and the democracy-threatening. Electronic voting should be banned, according to the will of the founders, therefore, for the time being, during at least five years.

At the head of the initiative Committee of the Lucerne SVP national councillor Franz Grüter. How Grüter explained on Monday, is the collective start of the Initiative, the 12. March. Currently have pledged well over 5000 supporters to gather at least five signatures. (SDA)

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