Tencent opens a third data center in Japan in response to cloud computing demand


TOKYO – Tencent Holdings is planning to open a third data center in Japan, where its cloud services for online games and live streaming systems are enjoying robust demand.

Tencent’s Japanese business is seeing triple-digit annual growth, driven by gaming cloud services, Poshu Yeung, the company’s senior vice president of international cloud operations, said in an interview with Nikkei.

“We are considering a third site for a data center,” he said from Hong Kong. “We have the experience, so it won’t take much time.”

The Chinese tech giant, which entered the Japanese cloud market in 2019, has not disclosed its Japanese data center revenue or capital expenditures.

In Japan, Tencent will also launch a service on Thursday to support metaverse creation with dozens of templates. This is an update to the support service the company launched in January for cloud avatar creation and live streaming — an offering that still required technical adjustments from customers.

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