Ten-Dollar PS4 Gift Cards Have Beaten Out Twenty-Dollar Ones On Amazon

Ten-Dollar PS4 Gift Cards Have Beaten Out Twenty-Dollar Ones On Amazon

The titan has been toppled. Amazon’s 2018 list of best-selling video games (and video game accessories) has revealed that the $20 PS4 gift card—2017’s best-seller—is now in third place, behind the more affordable $10 gift card.

But what could have caused such a fall from grace? I have a few theories.

  • If you buy two $10 gift cards instead of a single $20 gift card, you get twice the plastic, which you can then hoard for the inevitable plastic ban.
  • Quiplash is $9.99, and it’s a better game to play with your family over Christmas than Cards Against Humanity. Anyone who’s ever done the latter can agree with me on that. I never want to hear my relatives ask “what’s bukkake?” again, thanks. (Also, it’s on sale right now, so it’s only $4.99. That’s a copy for you and a copy for a friend!)
  • Someone out there is building a giant, slightly-sturdier-than-normal house of cards, and they couldn’t think of a cheaper way to do it.
  • 1,000 V-Bucks in Fortnite costs a tidy $9.99, which can be used to buy a premium Battle Pass, which will then get you a bunch of skins and dances, which will then get you Cool PointsTM.
  • A bunch of people saw this guy’s soothing topless Amazon review of the $10 gift card and were completely hypnotized by his convincing pitch and/or nipples.
  • Everyone realized that Minit was well worth the $9.99 price tag (and it’s also currently on sale for $6.69. Nice).
  • Elon Musk’s next vehicle prototype runs on PlayStation credit, but the tank is really small.
  • People got confused by the fact that the $10 gift card is also the top seller in “Mac Games & Accessories” and assumed that it was a new Apple product.
  • It’s easier to “borrow” $10 from your parents’ credit card than $20.

But this list is pure speculation. The one thing we can know for sure is that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate outsold them both, and that means that Nintendo wins the console war, so no one is allowed to fight about it for a whole year.

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