The coronavirus epidemic and worldwide lockdowns have changed almost everything. Since people could not go to work, school, etc. and had to work and study from home, they needed not only appropriate devices but also software. We know the tablet and laptop markets have made leaps and bounds. But we can also say the same for different apps. Zoom, which profited the most, also got a number of rivals. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and others quickly developed similar apps or made changes to the existing ones. And one of those features was group video chat.

We recently learned that Telegram added a group video chat feature to its mobile and desktop app versions. In fact, Telegram has already promised to do so April 2020. Now his voice chats (in each group) also support group video chats. Users just need to tap the camera icon to turn on the video.

However, there are some limitations. If you don’t know, Telegram allows an unlimited number of users to join an audio call. But the group video chat feature only allows up to 30 people to join the call. This number will of course be increased in the near future. But at the moment only the first 30 users can interact via video chat on Telegram. In addition, as with other similar platforms / features, users can share their screens during a video call.

Not just group video chat, but screen sharing too

Telegram is considered to be one of the most secure messaging platforms. But it has only recently picked up speed. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov said in January that the company had reached 500 million active users. As you can imagine, many of them migrated from Facebook’s WhatsApp. The latter announced changes in their policy that drove many users to leave and find safer apps. Telegram benefited the most.

Of course, every user is important to WhatsApp. But also after Changes to the privacy policy, in February there were more than 2 billion users. As a reminder, WhatsApp added a group video and voice calling feature in 2018.

Well, group video chat is undoubtedly a popular feature. However, this isn’t the only change Telegram recently announced. Other new features have also been added, including improved noise reduction and animated backgrounds. Users on both iOS and Android systems can choose from several standard options or create their own animated backgrounds. And we suspect that other variants are on the way.

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