Telegram has announced updates to the popular messaging service that offer privacy improvements and new features to protect content in groups and channels. According to Telegram, users can delete messages of certain data, manage their connected devices, and log in through phone calls. According to the company, group and channel owners can now prevent members from saving or sharing content outside of the group. Telegram also introduced iOS-specific features such as live text support and formatting of media subtitles as part of the latest update.

In one blog entry, the company announced the new features that are to come telegram, starting with the ability to delete messages from certain dates in the app. That means users can now view chats with a user of a day (or date range) in a convenient calendar interface and then delete those chats with a single tap. Telegram has also introduced a new setting for groups, which tries to prevent forwarding or sharing of messages or pictures outside of a group or channel, and which blocks screenshots on Android devices.

Registering with Telegram involves entering a code sent by SMS, after which the subsequent registration codes are sent to devices on which Telegram is registered. The service now allows users to receive a call and then enter the last five digits of the number they called to log into their account. Logged in users can manage their logged in devices using QR code logins when they try to log in from a new PC or browser.

Channel owners who wish to post to groups can now post anonymously instead of using their personal accounts. That means users can send messages in groups that instead display their channel name by tapping their photo and choosing the channel they want to post from. Android users will have the option to set eight chat topics released in September, which can now be set globally for Android smartphones with the latest Telegram 8.3 update.

Telegram also has two new features for. announced iPhone Users as part of the latest update. IPhone users with iOS 13 and later have access to predictive text (live text) for photos in chats so they can copy and paste text Select languages about the detection on the device. In addition to the updated contact information interface that aligns with iOS 15, Telegram users on the iPhone can now format text in media captions, including adding text links, the company said.

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