Instant messaging app telegram announced a new update to its app that will add support for new features for its users. Telegram is arch-rival too Whatsapp and since WhatsApp announced its new one, its popularity has increased lately privacy Politics.

As part of the new update, the app adds support for features like auto-delete, expiring invitations, new emojis, improvements to chat imports and reporting systems, and much more. Here’s a look at each of them in detail:

Delete automatically

After this update, telegram users can activate a timer for automatic deletion Telegram chats. This will automatically delete messages for all participants after they have been sent. Users can choose between two expiration limits – 24 hours and 7 days.

Readers should note that the auto-delete feature only works for messages sent after the timer is set and previous messages remain in the chat history.

As soon as this setting is activated, a countdown to the time of deletion is displayed for all messages.

Expiring invitation links

As part of this update, users can send invitation links that have a limited duration, a range of uses, or both.

In addition, invitation links can be converted into a scannable QR code for easy sharing. Users can also see which users have joined from each invite link. This helps them find out where new members came from or what format was most effective for growth, according to the company.

This is especially useful because groups that are close to the 200,000 member limit are now converted to broadcast groups that allow unlimited members.

More emojis

The new update also includes support for new emojis.

Improvements to chat import and reporting system

After this update, imported messages will appear sorted by their original date when added to a Telegram chat that is new or has fewer than 1000 messages.

In terms of reporting, users can choose specific messages when sending a report. In addition, all report options allow users to add a comment for more context.

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