• Telegram brings a final feature update this year.
  • The patch brings spoiler text formatting, message reactions, and more.

telegram received an update earlier this month that introduced privacy improvements and nifty message deletion tricks. However, it appears that the chat app isn’t quite finished with the December feature dump. in the last update In 2021, the app will introduce a number of additional improvements.

The most notable addition are message reactions, which allow users to respond to selected texts with emojis in a respond Slack or Discord-like fashion. Users can Double tap a message to send a thumbs-up emoji, or tap once access more. The function is now always activated in private chats, but can be switched on by admins of group chats and channels.

For those conversing with users in multiple languages, you can now translate text directly in Telegram. However, you need to enable this feature. Go to ideas > language to access and adjust the translation button settings.

Finally, Telegram introduces special spoiler formatting that allows users to obfuscate text until a recipient taps it. It’s especially useful to hide details about movie, show, or sports scores. Users can tap and mark the section of text you want to format, and then tap spoiler Button.

The functions are now available in Telegram version 8.4 on Android. You can get it from the button below.

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