I know – it’s a dark subject. But in today’s digital age, we need to plan what happens to all of our online accounts, data, notes, photos, videos, websites, playlists, blogs, and subscriptions when we’re gone.

Speaking of subscriptions, more and more families are ditching streaming services. Money is tight and you should consider quitting the ones you use the least. Tap or click here to see best practices to lower your streaming, cable, and internet bills.

I don’t just mean business documents or tax forms on the data side. Everyone should have a plan to protect their precious photos and videos. I hear from too many people on my national radio show who have lost everything.

Take these steps now to ensure your accounts are in the right hands after your death.

your Apple account

Apple’s Legacy Contact finally debuted with iOS 15.2 as a secure option to give someone access to data stored in your Apple account after you die. This includes photos, messages, notes, files, apps and…

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