Q: To get a cheaper price, I bought a new laptop with Windows 10 in “S mode”. I understand that S mode is supposed to be more secure, but that my choice of software is limited. (I also know I can upgrade to Windows 10, but I’m not sure this PC can handle it.) But I’m still trying to figure out security. How can I run a manual antivirus scan? Will the Microsoft Edge browser protect me while i’m online?

– Shirley Olson, Hopkins, Minn.

A: Microsoft changed some rules in its Windows 10 operating system when it introduced S mode, a scaled-down version of Windows 10 that is usually available on a PC priced under $ 300. While S mode is still Windows 10, it does a lot less. However, if you’re willing to compromise on performance in order to get a less expensive computer, this is an acceptable base PC. Here are some of the differences between Windows 10 and …


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