About Digital Defense:

Digital Defense’s innovative and cutting-edge technology serves customers in a wide range of industries and helps companies protect sensitive data and reduce the stresses associated with information security. Frontline.Cloud, the original Security SaaS platform, offers unprecedented accuracy and efficiency through multiple systems including Frontline Vulnerability Manager (Frontline VM)), Frontline Web Application Scanning (Frontline WAS™), Frontline Active Threat Sweep (Frontline ATS™) and Frontline Pen Test™During SecurED®, the company’s security awareness training, which promotes the security-conscious behavior of employees. The Digital Defense Frontline solution suite, based on patented technology and complemented by first-class service and support, is highly valued by industry experts. This shows the company’s award as a 2021 Day Cyber ​​Distinguished Vendor, US Department of Labor Platinum Medallion Award 2020, a five-star rating …

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