Today was an eventful day in the world of technology with interesting stories from Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. These companies are either working on new features or trying to resolve pandemic-related issues on their platforms. Meanwhile, a popular web infrastructure company has announced the introduction of new technologies to replace annoying CAPTCHA challenges when surfing the Internet.

In case you missed something, here are the top tech stories of the day:

WhatsApp may soon be able to set the default “disappearing messages” for new chats

Facebook’s encrypted messenger app doesn’t have the best reputation for privacy, especially considering that it has just revamped its privacy policy to share data about your interactions with companies on the platform – with parent company Facebook. However, according to reports, the app is working on one of its rare additions to its privacy settings – the ability to do so Enable “Disappearing Messages” by default for every new chat controlled by a switch.

Facebook is making efforts to remove profile frames with anti-vaccine claims

While privacy has been an area where Facebook has had a very spotty past, it does handle misinformation and false news that the company has criticized multiple times this year. With the advent of coronavirus vaccines, many users have taken to the platform to make anti-vaccine claims using profile photo frames. The company is now rushing to Take this anti-vaccine frame off quickly for violating the company’s misinformation policy.

Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service, could be launching soon

We’ve already reported on Twitter’s upcoming Undo Send feature for tweets and bookmark collections. These features are rumored to be part of the company’s paid subscription, and a recent leak from researcher Jane Manchun Wong suggests Twitter is ready Name this paid subscription “Twitter Blue”.. Here’s what it’s expected to cost, and everything users can expect from a paid subscription.

Cloudflare wants to kill CAPTCHAs so you never have to identify fire hydrants or traffic lights again

Are you frustrated trying to solve CAPTCHAs (or a fully automated public Turing test to tell computers and people apart) on random websites while browsing the internet? If the search for hydrants, zebra crossings, boats and cars in nine pictures on the Internet makes you, like us, impatient, the Internet infrastructure provider Cloudflare has a solution. Use trustworthy USB sticks, The company wants to get rid of CAPTCHAs entirelySo you will never be bothered by another “challenge” again.

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