Tech support scammers pretend to be from Microsoft, McAfee, and Norton to target users with fake antivirus billing renewals in a massive email campaign.

While browsing the Internet, most people have at one time or another been redirected to a technical support scam website that pretends your computer is infected and then asks you to dial a displayed phone number.

Traditional browser-based scam with tech support
Traditional browser-based scam with tech support

These scams are widespread on poor quality ad network sites, but are far less common to receive through email.

Speaking to Nicolas Joffre, regional SOC manager at email security firm Vade Secure, BleepingComputer learned that the new tech email support scam began in March.

This scam started with low email volumes but quickly escalated to up to 200,000 emails in a single day. In total, since the fraud began, Vade Secure has filtered over 1 million of these emails targeted at their customers (see graphic below).

The email volume for the current tech support email scam
.The volume…

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