Tech security expert Mahdi Pourzaferani is concerned about the state of affairs


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Mahdi Pourzaferani, a leading expert in technical security, is very concerned about the future of our digital space.

With the advent of Web 3.0 and rapid technological developments, the scope of cyberattacks has expanded to unprecedented levels. As Internet accessibility increases, the masses are not educated on how to protect their presence on the Internet. Malicious entities have an arsenal of resources at their disposal that can be used to harm individuals and businesses.

Pourzaferani, who has been in IT security since 2008, has covered his fair share of security threats. He has worked on and led security and infiltration projects in global companies. He joined EA Sports as a network programmer and rose to become a supervisor. He was the security manager at OpticGaming and a great addition to his team at Rockstar Games.

He recently embarked on the entrepreneurial path…

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