The Startup Haven team (clockwise from top left): Bob Crimmins, Claudius Mbemba, Jay Westerdal, David Malcolm and Arry Yu. (Startup Haven photo)

– Startup Haven, an entrepreneurial community founded by Seattle-based startup veterinarian Bob Crimmins, has launched a mutual fund called Startup Haven Ventures. With the new fund, Startup Haven has also expanded its team:

  • Jay Westerdal, CEO of, is a Senior Venture Partner.
  • The chairman of the WTIA Blockchain Council, Arry Yu, is a venture partner.
  • NEU co-founder and CTO Claudius Mbemba is Investment Director.

Crimmins, a Seattle tech veteran, founded Startup Haven in 2005. It started out as a game of poker, but now has chapters in seven cities and 2,300 members.

He started running Startup Haven full time in 2019 and recently launched a Startup Haven accelerator. Techstars and Microsoft veterinarian Dave Malcolm is the accelerator’s executive director.

The new fund offers investments to companies participating in the accelerator and …

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