Home surveillance cameras are cheaper and better than ever! We seem to have great examples of this from Google Nest, Amazon Blink, Wyze, and others. Now a new company is working to challenge the affordable home security camera market with an affordable 360 ​​degree camera. I took the Blurams Dome 2 surveillance camera with me for a test.


The Blurams camera looks like most 360 degree cameras on the market. It has a base with a spherical camera on it. The housing rotates horizontally while the black camera part can be tilted up and down. There is a USB power connector on the back and mounting holes for screws on the underside of the base for mounting on the wall or ceiling. That’s it. The design is simple.

It’s not huge, but it’s not tiny either. I think it’s a good size, although some may prefer something a little less flashy.

Blurams app on the phone

The Blurams app on your Android or iPhone is pretty much what we learned …


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