Startups and large corporations alike are releasing technology to keep long lines online.

Why it matters: Standing in line has always been a chore, but the pandemic has made the lines longer, slower and even dangerous. Now many of these lines are becoming virtual.

What’s happening: Physical queues at theme parks, doctor’s offices, clothing stores, and elsewhere are disappearing and being replaced with systems that let you book a slot online and then wait for your turn to be notified.

Whyline, an Argentine company Just acquired from biometric ID company CLEAR is an app that allows users to do just that – it keeps you updated on your waiting time and lets you know when to show up.

  • Whyline’s list of customers – primarily in Latin America – includes banks, retail stores, the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, and Los Angeles International Airport.
  • “Just like you make a reservation in a restaurant, the Whyline software takes over the waiting in banks, in DMVs, in airports”, …


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