We all have our own reasons for downloading certain mobile apps. Some help you complete tasks faster, others transform your photos to make them look better, and some even keep you up to date on the lives of important people. In general, apps keep us entertained, informed, and connected.

But the truth is, they also have a downside. Unfortunately, some apps aren’t as secure as you think. You are vulnerable to privacy and data breaches that leave you in a less secure and vulnerable position. To learn more, we spoke to tech and Apple whiz Steven Walker, CEO of Spylix, and Yousun Allen, CEO of Yosun UV Printer. Read on as they unveil the one type of app that is putting your security at risk and why you should avoid them at all costs.

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VPN service apps or VPN hosting apps

According to Walker, “Many VPN apps steal your data and credentials – so it would help if you avoided these types of apps.” He adds, “[A VPN service] is used…

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