Tech experts need defense training for NATO’s race against China


    The writer is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank

    Military technology is evolving — and while countries like China are advancing in areas like artificial intelligence and hypersonics, NATO members are catching up. In the past, governments would have turned to defense manufacturers to find the cutting-edge kit, but today engineering innovation is more commonly found in the start-up community.

    The brightest minds in tech, on the other hand, tend to have minimal national security expertise. Those who are not immersed in this world will not innovate well for it. If we are to square this circle, Western governments need to start providing national security training for the technology sector.

    Beijing is not shying away from its intentions: through its ambitious military-civilian fusion program – focused on breakthrough technology – it intends to transform its armed forces into a world-class military. Interest in new military technologies is also growing in the West. Between 2019…

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