The man known as “Atlanta’s godfather of engineering” says that when he was in graduate school he was trained to seek solutions to the most difficult problems. But now he decides whether an idea is good by assessing whether it is valuable and whether people are willing to spend time and money on it.

“There are millions of ideas, but the great thing about technology is that you only need one,” said Paul Judge, managing partner of Panoramic Ventures.

Judge, also co-founder and executive chairman of Pindrop, a technology company whose security technology is used by financial institutions, insurers and retailers around the world, attended the Closer Look edition on Monday.

Morehouse College and Georgia Tech alum spoke with show host Rose Scott about the importance of aspiring tech founders finding a solution to a valuable problem, and about their unique advantage in solving that problem.

“A mistake people make: They have an idea and they are so passionate about themselves that they don’t want to …

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