The 5G revolution could send those 3 stocks higher

It’s now a full month of 2021 and some trends are becoming clearer. The coronavirus crisis may still be with us, but with the expansion of vaccination programs, the end is in sight. With President Trump out of the picture and the Democrats holding both the Congress House and the White House, politics looks more predictable. Both developments bode well for an economic recovery this year. Looking back over the past year, we can also spot some trends that remained firm despite the pandemic, shutdowns, and charged election season. One of the most important is the continued adoption of 5G network technology. These new networks bring with them a greater fulfillment of the promises inherent in the digital world. Faster connections, lower latency, higher online capacity, clearer signals – all of these will vastly improve the capabilities of the connected world. And it won’t just be worldly things …

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