BURLINGAME, California –BUSINESS WIRE) – DBM Cloud Systems announced today that TBWA Worldwide, one of the world’s largest and most respected advertising agencies, has selected and licensed the Advanced Intelligent Replication Engine (AIRE) from DBM Cloud Systems. TBWA uses AIRE to automate the complex and time consuming process of migrating and replicating data from local object storage to AWS and Azure.

Many customers want to keep control of their data while using cloud services across multiple clouds. DBM Cloud Systems offers the first pure software data replication platform for cloud migrations in the petabyte range and regional data management. Through its patent-pending policy-based software, DBM gives customers control over their data and the flexibility to choose the best platform to use.

“We needed a highly scalable software platform that would allow us to manage our property data globally across multiple clouds,” said Kenneth Walden, Infrastructure Architect, …

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