A new year means a new beginning. It’s like opening a new chapter that gives you hope and motivation to change something. Instead of traditional resolutions, how about focusing on your online safety and taking it to new heights?

With the turn of the year, enthusiasm and excitement automatically boomed in all hearts. To start the year fresh and clean, we all need to focus on some optimistic goals that we can achieve this year.

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So don’t forget to add security and privacy to your list of goals. Rather, it should be high on this list. In 2022 the world will witness a technological advance. The concepts like NFTs, cryptocurrency, 5G etc. will grow exponentially and with it more new malware and online internet threats will be born.

Hence, your security and privacy must be of paramount importance to you in 2022 and this article can help you with that.

Create a zero trust policy

This year,…

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