Jiang Jinquan, a leading Chinese politician, wrote In a state media broadcast on Jan. 25, China’s decision to seek technological independence from the United States was “inevitable”. Jiang’s article is the latest Chinese publication highlighting the role of semiconductors, which have been at the fore in the technological competition between the US and China. Semiconductors are a key element in China’s Technological Independence Plan.

The field of state-of-the-art chip manufacturing is now narrowing occupied from just a handful of companies: US-based Intel; Samsung from South Korea; Taiwan’s TSMC and China’s SMIC. SMIC lags behind TSMC in production, and Intel also falls behind. on January 21, Intel announced that it would outsource some chip production to Samsung and TSMC. While the chip design industry is exploding and diversifying, so was chip manufacturing concentrated in the hands of just two companies.

Commentators note that chip manufacturing implies

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