Zero Trust security is an emerging paradigm in enterprise IT. This means that by default, no one is trusted from inside or outside a network, and verification is required from anyone attempting to gain access to resources on the network. This extra layer of protection has been shown to prevent data breaches, but surveys show that IT teams are struggling to implement it in their organizations. According to a February report by security vendor Optiv Security — admittedly not a neutral third party — only 21% of organizations have adopted Zero Trust as a “fundamental model.” A separate Fortinet report released the same month found that over 80% of organizations believe implementing a zero trust strategy on a network would be challenging.

Avery Pennarun says the solution lies within Tailscale, a security networking startup he co-founded with David Crashaw, David Carney and Brad Fitzpatrick. Pennarun makes no claims that Tailscale, which announced today that it has raised $100…

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