Thomas “Sykkuno” tried to get through an ad for a VPN without a hitch during his latest stream that made many of his viewers laugh.

He was sponsored by NORD VPN to promote their product, which he did, albeit with a bit of honesty that accidentally phoned his sponsor:

“We have to be informative, that is … a game is not available in your country? No problem. Just change your virtual location!”

Sykkuno tried to be as honest as possible all along, stating that viewers should turn off the VPN when they “play Valorant” as it could potentially cause delays. He also gave a quick push to Felix “xQc” Lengyel who was not present to defend himself.

Sykkuno does an ad-read for NORD VPN and says how xQc should have it too

Thomas “Sykkuno” jokes a lot during his ad reading and his last attempt was no different.

Sounding like reading straight from a pre-made prompt, Sykkuno changed his tone and started adding comments:

“Don’t forget to turn it off if …


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