By Clara-Laeila Laudette and Supantha Mukherjee

BARCELONA (Reuters) – Swisscom is planning to switch to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform for a range of applications that support its enterprise resource planning, its operational support system and its analytics and contact center.

The Swiss telecommunications operator and AWS have announced in a joint statement that they will also migrate Swisscom’s 5G network, which is based on the current infrastructure, to a new, independent 5G network with the AWS cloud platform.

Standalone networks offer higher capacity and faster speeds, making it possible to apply new 5G use cases like driverless cars or remote medical consultations with high fidelity.

Telefonica has also worked with AWS in Brazil to provide a standalone 5G core network. AWS works with an increasing number of telecommunications providers, including Verizon, Vodafone, and Dish.

“For technology operators, it is generally a good idea to switch to the cloud …

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