LONDON (AP) – Dozens of websites around the globe went offline for a short time on Tuesday, including CNN, the New York Times and the British government website after the cloud computing service Fastly went down, which shows the importance of a small number of scene companies have become the operation of the Internet.

The unreachable sites also included some Amazon sites, the Financial Times, Reddit, Twitch, and The Guardian.

Fastly from San Francisco confirmed a problem just before 6 a.m. East Coast time. About an hour later, the company said, “The problem has been identified and a solution has been applied.”

Most of the websites appeared to be back online soon.

Fastly said it identified a service configuration that was causing interruptions, which means the outage appears to have been caused internally. Brief outages of Internet services are not uncommon and are rarely the result of hacking or other nonsense.

Still, a few minutes after the …

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