If you think you are completely safe at home, you are wrong. You are still vulnerable to hackers who could exploit your data and install malware on your computer through your webcam. Before it happens, it is better to know how to tell if your webcam has been hacked.

How can you tell if your webcam has been hacked?

According to Digital Trends, here are the signs to watch out for that could indicate that your webcam is hacked.

Look at its light

Your webcam could be hacked by looking into its light. When you turn it on for a video call with your friend, you will find that it is already in use.

There are times when you find it strange, and it is possible that when this happens, someone you don’t know is controlling your webcam. Perhaps he / she is just observing from a distance to spy on your activities.

If you find that your apps are opening your webcam, it may be the reason. Immediately delete them for a …


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