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Since 2009, Microsoft and SUSE have been collaborating to provide Azure-optimized solutions for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). SLES for SAP Applications is the leading platform for SAP solutions on Linux, with over 90 percent of SAP HANA deployments and 70 percent of SAP NetWeaver applications running on SUSE. Together, Microsoft and SUSE offer agility and flexibility for the next-generation SAP landscape based on SAP HANA.

Microsoft sponsors SUSECON Digital 2022 Make the latest advances in technology available to customers and the open source community in general. In line with the Future Forward theme of SUSECON Digital 2022, we will shine a spotlight on the latest and greatest, unraveling the worlds of mission-critical Linux, enterprise container management, and edge innovation. At the three-day event, June 7-9, Microsoft will be participating in multiple activities such as keynotes, demo sessions and virtual booths. When you need a break, there are wellness sessions, games and the chance to win exciting prizes.

The need for innovation has never been greater. To become more agile and accelerate innovation, companies embark on journeys of digital transformation. These transformations require modernizing legacy infrastructure and applications, adopting cloud-native technologies, and extending enterprise boundaries beyond the data center and cloud to the edge.

Hiren Shah, Head of Products, SAP on Azure Core Platform, Microsoft, will join Markus Noga, GM Linux, SUSE at the Business Critical Linux keynote session to highlight how our partnership is transforming SAP workloads in critical business functions such as finance, supply chain, and Procurement supports and improves the customer experience. Downtime caused by infrastructure failures can result in business disruption and lost revenue. Some areas in which joint development is currently taking place include:

  • High availability with SUSE Pacemaker cluster for SAP HANA workloads.
  • Automated resource migration when infrastructure goes down.
  • Automation of deployment for SAP HANA workloads and OS configuration including high availability.
  • Monitoring High Availability (HA) setup with Azure Monitor for SAP solutions.
  • Identify common configuration errors through customer interactions
  • Live patching, balanced availability and security requirements

In addition to Cornerstone Keynote The Microsoft team will provide six discussions Breakout Sessions, covering topics such as Azure High Performance Computing Software Platform, SLES for SAP applications, Azure Hybrid Benefit, SQL Server, automotive software development and more. We focus on best practices for SQL Server SLES-based Azure Virtual Machines. Many of our customers are now deploying SQL Server containers as part of their data modernization strategy; The sessions cover how Rancher can be used to deploy SQL Server containers and manage production workloads.

Migrating business-critical SAP workloads can be complex for organizations. Microsoft’s open source SAP Deployment Automation framework can help customers deploy infrastructure using Terraform (infrastructure as code) and install SAP using Ansible (configuration as code). SUSE was a development partner of Microsoft in the development of this open source framework. This framework enables accelerated deployment of SAP and is aligned with reference architectures and best practices. We’re excited to continue our partnership with SUSE as we explore synergies within SAP operations (and beyond) to see a growing number of customers and partners leverage our framework.

Learn about the latest updates

  • Join us SUSECON Digital 2022 to learn more and direct your questions to our experts. Learn more about deploying secure, reliable, and flexible hybrid cloud environments with SUSE solutions on Azure.
  • Discover how Azure Hybrid Benefit extends SLES workloads to Azure and eliminates migration friction with built-in support from Microsoft.


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