Surfshark is the latest VPN to remove servers in India due to new laws


Surfshark joins ExpressVPN to remove its physical VPN servers in India due to a new policy VPN provider in the country to collect and share data about their subscribers.

“Surfshark proudly operates under a strict ‘no-logs’ policy, so such new requirements go against the company’s core ethos,” the company said said(Opens in a new window) on Tuesday.

Surfshark will shut down servers before India’s new VPN data collection rules come into effect on June 27th. “Until then, users can connect to servers in India as usual,” it said.

Despite the upcoming shutdown, Surfshark still plans to serve users in the country by replacing physical servers with virtual VPN servers dedicated to the Indian market. These servers will be physically based in Singapore and London but their IP addresses will be registered in India. Using these Indian IP addresses makes a VPN connection appear as if it originated from India.

“Users in India who…

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