What is anonymous surfing? It is a web browsing method that hides personally identifiable information from websites you visit. This is an important privacy feature. In general, surfing the web anonymously is more secure than browsing with cookies, as indicated by DE.VPNWelt. But what does that mean? Read on to find out. Here are the main advantages of anonymous web browsing. But first, what is anonymous browsing?

First of all, you can switch from normal browsing mode to anonymous mode. This protects you when you share a computer. Regular mode leaves a history of all the pages you have visited and the searches you have made. Note, however, that your browser’s cookies contain login information and can be accessed by websites. So it’s good to go with it anonymous surfingyou should also consider all your online services.

Anonymous surfing is useful when you share a computer with others

Unlike regular mode, this browser never saves…

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