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This blog was co-authored by Ram Kakani, Principal Program Manager, Azure Dedicated

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to optimize your storage-intensive VMware applications in the cloud, I have great news for you: Azure NetApp Files for Network File System (NFS) data storage in Azure VMware Solution is now in preview .

With Azure VMware Solution, you can now scale storage independently of compute power using Azure NetApp Files datastores, allowing you to run VMware-based storage-intensive workloads such as SQL Server, general-purpose file servers, and others on Azure.

Gain the flexibility and scalability to run your memory-intensive workloads on Azure VMware Solution while delivering high performance and low latency.

Azure NetApp Files as a data storage option for Azure VMware Solution

Azure NetApp Files is available in preview as a data storage option for Azure VMware Solution, and Azure NetApp Files NFS volumes can now be attached to the Azure VMware Solution clusters of your choice.

Use cases include migration and disaster recovery (DR)

Azure NetApp Files data storage for the Azure VMware solution enables VMware customers to:

  • Manage and scale storage resources for workloads running on Azure VMware Solution flexibly and independently for compute.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through storage optimization for VMware workloads
  • Use Azure VMware Solution more efficiently as a DR endpoint for business continuity

Let the powerful file storage solution in the cloud power your VMware workloads

Azure NetApp Files is a fully managed file sharing service built on proven NetApp ONTAP storage technology and offered as an Azure first-party solution.

“Azure NetApp Files helps deliver the performance, flexibility, scalability, and cost optimization customers need to migrate any VMWare workload, including “non-migratory”, memory-intensive VMware applications, to Azure cloud and VMware on-premises safely back up applications on Azure.”—Ronen Schwartz, senior vice president and general manager, NetApp Cloud Volumes

We know that every business is different and scales on its own schedule, so we’ve created three tiers of performance for Azure NetApp Files: Standard, Premium, and Ultra. Scale as needed as your needs change. You can store up to 10PB in a single deployment; Achieve up to 4.4 GBps of throughput and sub-millisecond latency in a single volume.

We continue to add features and regions and listen to our customers to better understand what they need to migrate their workloads to Azure. We’ve heard loud and clear from VMware customers that Azure NetApp Files is what they need to move to the cloud.

Fully integrated with Azure VMware Solution

But we haven’t built a siled solution that only works with Azure VMware Solution. We’ve built the most powerful file storage solution in the public cloud to work seamlessly with other Azure services. Now we’ve enhanced Azure NetApp Files to work perfectly with Azure VMware Solution to meet the needs of VMware customers.

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On Azure VMware solution With Azure NetApp Files for Azure VMware Solution, you can now scale storage regardless of your compute costs and get the performance, scalability, reliability, and security you need.

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