Supercharged IT, superclouds and powerful healthcare – what they can deliver…


In information technology (IT), the “whether” discussion about cloud use is as good as over. As noted in some recent analyzes by Accenture“The past two years have revealed the power and agility of cloud… and a renewed understanding that cloud at scale is essential for operational readiness and ultimately value.”

Even in the healthcare sector, which is only slowly digitizing, current estimates state around 90% The industry has evolved to use some level of cloud computing for some functions and in different incarnations (private, public, hybrid, multi-cloud).

Charging IT with cloud power might be essential now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. Despite one accelerated Cloud Adoption Curve In recent years, a large proportion of healthcare organizations still rely on pre-iPhone infrastructure. And as everyone knows, hoards of valuable data remain confined to countless racks of servers isolated in…

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