Since Super Nintendo World opened at Universal Studios Japan on February 4th, visitors have been posting videos and photos of attractions across the Internet. While the posts have absolutely stalled those who are still under lockdown, the theme park’s new footage at least allows people to appreciate it from afar. Now we have a complete look at the new Mario Kart ride, Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, by Universal Park News today.

The attraction uses augmented reality so that each visitor gets their own Mario headset to play the game while driving. The ride gives guests a first-person look at a variety of classic courses like the Mario Kart Circuit and Rainbow Road. As people move from course to course, everyone fires AR grenades at Bowser and his subordinates to earn points.

The waiting area is charming too. The line runs through a model of Bowser’s Castle that is filled with all sorts of fun props. There’s a huge throne – presumably Bowser’s – with a framed photo of Princess Peach on it, and an award case with all of the Mario Cup trophies on it. In this case there is also a new mug that integrates the Universal Pictures logo into the Mario mug.

Overall, the ride looks fantastic – and right now I can only dream of seeing it live in all its glory one day.

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