Super Mario Sunshine always felt a bit under-baked when playing 3D Mario games. Whether it was shaky camera controls, aggravating coin quotas or the inclusion of a sentient super-soaker, the game didn’t quite meet fans’ expectations. I’m trying to wash away that reputation [Wade] created a mod to revive the often belittled GameCube game. Over two years in development, Super Mario Sunburn breaks Super Mario Sunshine far with new levels, more coins and the freedom of a modern open world game. Collecting shiny collectibles in-game no longer automatically brings Mario back to Island Hub, but instead allows Mario to keep filling those pockets.

To apply the Sunburn Mod Patch, a clean rip from Super Mario Sunshine for Nintendo GameCube is required. The easiest way to rip GameCube discs is from a Nintendo Wii – provided it can run CleapRip over the homebrew channel. With a clean game image, the Sunburn patch can be applied on Windows by running Delta Patcher. From there, an image patched with sunburn can be played back via an emulator with the optional HD Texture Pack or even real Nintendo hardware. A comprehensive mod like this certainly deserves some WaveBird time.

The arrival of [Wade]The mod comes at a crucial time for many Mario fans. At the end of last year, Nintendo released an overwhelming compilation of 3D Mario games called Super Mario 3D All-Stars. The release brought the lightest of touches and did not offer an appropriate modernization of Super Mario Sunshine. The company didn’t even allow players to play in 16: 9 widescreen format (as opposed to sunburn). At the end of March, Nintendo will pack Super Mario 3D All-Stars in “Bowser’s Vault” and remove them from the shelves. All the more reason to try Super Mario Sunburn.

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