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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Rage is the first major Nintendo Switch release of the year and will be released on February 12th.

While we’ve heard how 3D World runs much faster compared to the original Wii U versionIt appears that a number of outlets have now exchanged information about the frame rate and resolution that players can expect in both games.

Here is the synopsis courtesy of Nintendo Everything. It should be noted that the resolution of Bowser’s Anger in docked mode may be higher than 720p (the source does not clarify any differences between docked and handhelds).

Super Mario 3D world

– 1080p, 60fps (docked)

– 720p, 60fps (portable)

Bowser’s anger

– 720p, 60fps (docked)

– 720p, 30fps (portable)

For comparison is the Original 3D World game on Wii U. was 720p, 60fps.

While the details above are enough to get an idea of ​​how this upcoming version of Switch will work, the resolution of Bowser’s anger in docked mode is not yet fully confirmed. If it was a little higher it would be more than welcome.

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