Virtualization software is old and does not take full advantage of modern hardware, which makes it very energy-inefficient and requires data centers to over-supply the hardware in order to avoid loss of performance.

It is the slope of the sun’s rays. Virtualization-Software vendors offering products that use technologies that did not exist when Xen, KVM, VMware and Hyper-V were developed.

“The cloud infrastructure or virtualization stack was designed and built 15 to 20 years ago,” said Kosten Metreweli, Sunlight’s chief strategy officer. “So the big problem here was that the I / O, especially the memory, was very slow at the time. Very fast, now with NVMe storage that transfers millions of IOPS from a single device. You can. That is an order of magnitude better than was possible just a few years ago. “

Because of the sheer amount of data I / O and existing VM products cannot achieve this level of performance, you’ll need multiple cores or multiple CPUs to get the best …

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