Stronger security for smart devices to efficiently protect against powerful…


Stronger security for smart devices

MIT engineers have shown that analog-to-digital converters in smart devices are vulnerable to power and electromagnetic side-channel attacks, which hackers use to “eavesdrop” on devices and steal classified information. They developed two security strategies that effectively and efficiently block both types of attacks. Photo credit: MIT News

Engineers demonstrate two security methods that efficiently protect analog-to-digital converters from powerful attacks aimed at stealing user data.

Researchers are fighting hackers to develop stronger protections that protect data from malicious agents who would steal information by eavesdropping on smart devices.

Much of the effort to prevent these “side-channel attacks” has focused on the vulnerability of digital processors. For example, hackers can measure the electrical current that the CPU of a smartwatch draws and use this to reconstruct secret data that is processed, such as a password.

WITH Researchers recently published a paper in the IEEE…


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