Street Fighter 6 will retain the core essence of classic characters


Capcom director Takayuki Nakayama spoke IGN about the development of street fighter 6showing that the team is working hard to keep the core essence of the classic street fighter Characters. He said the development team is working hard to keep intact what makes these characters special while adapting to the new systems. [Thanks, IGN!]

The interview revealed that the street fighter 6 Team is working hard and preparing new details regarding roster. Nakayama pointed out that Capcom is currently facing new challenges and hopes that future news will delight consumers. Regarding classic characters, list has been confirmed to appear in the game alongside Chun-Li and Ryu.

Both director Nakayama and street fighter 6 Producer Shuhei Matsumoto shared his thoughts on the future of the street fighter Series. Matsumoto said this regarding all the changes and new game modes that will appear in the title:

I think that’s something we need to do now and in the future. I don’t want them street fighter brand, so I will do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen. The biggest thing I want to do now is accept this challenge.

Nakayama also stated that the development of the title reinvigorated him and the team.

The whole development team has been extremely motivated and is working hard on the game, thinking about new things and new ideas to develop the game and improving various features and modes that will be released street fighter 6.. Of course there are many challenges in making all these new things, but everyone has the drive to positively deliver something new street fighter Experience. I think you could tell that from the trailer.

to these newcomers street fighter 6 will have a total of three different modes, with World Tour mode being one of them. This mode allows players to take on the role of the protagonist and create their own battle legend. The developers confirmed that it will have enough content to effectively be its own experience.

street fighter 6 is in development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. It will be launched in 2023.

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