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Microsoft now have a ICO launching platform based on their Azure cloud platform in collaboration with London-based blockchain smart contract platform Stratis. The issue is that Stratis ICO Platform is now incorporated into Microsoft Azure to enable startups and companies to launch their ICOs and buyers are able to earn a proportion of the launched tokens by making contributions in either Bitcoin or Strat.

Azure is an alternative platform for businesses and companies who want to build, test and manage apps, services and cloud servers through Microsoft-managed data centers and is an alternative to Amazon Web Services and Google cloud services.

ICOs are still an important capital raising method for tech startups especially in blockchain. For instance, ICO fundraising was all-time high in 2018 at compared to 2017 record of. However, STOs, which basically are token with compliance, are becoming more popular as an alternative or complement to traditional venture funding.

The platform will offer KYC, regulatory compliance and identity management for those launching their ICO tokens. Thus, it could finally become an STO launching platform. That’s important because it would be expected that the platform becomes a go-to place for not just crypto startups but also traditional firms (hopefully using Microsoft) to launch ICO or STO as the only or additional capital raising method. Thus ideally, it could help with mass adoption although, according to Ivan On Tech, a professional developer and crypto educator and analyst, the impact of the platform will depend on whether people use it or how many people use it in the end of the day.

He said Stratis is the most player in this collaboration and Microsoft may be merely offering a platform namely Azure for Stratis ICO platform as a way of inviting more options on Azure. Since Microsoft have compliance platform, the Stratis is expected to extend these benefits to its users.

Further, since Changelly is now integrated into the Stratis ICO platform, the platform will accept or allow usage of USD, BTC, STRAT and more than 50 other tokens that are used on Changelly. Ideally, the platform could also facilitate tokenization of assets on blockchain but via STOs.

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