This week’s roundup features Teradata getting much more serious about working in the public clouds and Western Digital getting an NVMe Express strengthening present for its zoned QLC SSD initiative. There are more shorter items too. Read on.

Teradata’s head in the clouds

Legacy data warehouse Teradata has its head in the clouds in a seriously big way; AWS, Azure and GCP to be precise. It’s enhancing its Vantage-as-a-servie offerings on this cloudy trio. Customers get;

  • Reduced network latency via Teradata’s growing global footprint, and upgrades to compute instances and network performance,
  • Support for customer-managed keys for Vantage on AWS and Azure. Availability: The service level agreement (SLA) for availability is now 99.9% for every as-a-service offering. Guaranteed, higher uptime.
  • Quicker compressed data migration times withTeradata’s new data transfer utility (DTU) with 20% faster transfers.
  • Self-service web-based console gets expanded options…

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