By Shailesh Manjrekar, Head of AI and Strategic Alliances, WekaIO

The AWS Cloud is an ideal platform to support an agile computing environment for AI workloads that require HPC methods to accelerate training and inference. A key part of this effort is having a fast, scalable file system on AWS to ensure that applications never have to wait for data.

In this article we look at “Storage as a Service” when using AWS and how this is made possible with the Limitless Data Platform from Weka. And you can plan your cluster on Amazon EC2 using Weka’s self-service tools that allow you to configure the most cost-effective Amazon EC2 instance based on your application’s storage and performance needs.

Business problems and solutions

When considering technology alternatives, it’s important to look at specific business problems and how companies are trying to solve them, ultimately accelerating innovation and reducing time to market. Organizations are flooded …

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