Towards the end of 2020, law enforcement authorities from a task force from several countries seized the three web domains and the server infrastructure virtual private network (VPN) services that offer cyber criminals a safe haven. The services in question had been in operation for more than a decade and were extensively promoted on both Russian and English-language underground cybercrime forums. After the robbery, information released by the authorities revealed how this vendor’s servers were widely used to mask the real identities of a wide variety of criminal operations – Magecart groups, ransomware gangs, hackers, and the like. The ability to use such stealthy services had allowed cyber criminals to go very deep behind a proxy network and carry out their nefarious activities. Further research revealed that three domains, INSORG.ORG, SAFE-INET.COM, SAFE-INET.NET, were advertising and offering what they termed “bulletproof hosting services”. This was really a …

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