Getting the Steam Deck right was one of Valve’s primary goals in developing the device.

The Steam deck was officially announced on Thursday, afterwards some leaks earlier this year. Valve revealed three editions of the Steam Deck, all of which are functionally similar except for their storage capacity and speed.

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While Valve’s top priority was integrating high-performance components into the Steam Deck, the company also kept an eye on value for money. In an interview with IGNValve CEO Gabe Newell said that finding this balance was “one of the critical factors in the mobile space.”

“I want to take that up and say, ‘Oh, it all works. It’s all quick. It’s all … ‘and then the price was secondary and painful, “Newell said. “But the first was the performance and the experience, [that] was the biggest and most fundamental limitation that drove this. “

“We knew the price was very important, so […] We kept this in mind from the start and worked very, very hard to get the price we got, ”Valve Hardware Director Shreya Liu revealed in a separate interview.

Newell added that Valve’s goal is to establish a new product category within the ecosystem that it, like other companies, has built on for years. The Steam Deck is also a test of the value of adding handheld PC space to consumers and game developers.

“Our view is – if we get this right – we will sell these in the millions, and it will clearly establish a product category that we and other PC makers can participate in, and” that will bring us long-term benefits, “Newell said.

“We think this makes sense in the future at this price. We have no relationship. We’re not saying, ‘Oh, and then we have to sell eight games for each of them or it doesn’t make sense.’ Our rationale is rather, “Is this the right product and is it a great way to test the assumption that expanding the PC ecosystem in this direction has tremendous value for both game players and game developers?” Above all, this is the actual test. “

The Steam Deck will ship in December.

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