Reservations for Steam Decks opened on the hour, and if you expected Steam to give way under the onslaught of people trying to reserve one, your expectations were right. Unfortunately, many of those trying to reserve a Steam deck have faced a number of issues, whether they kept seeing the same error messages over and over, fell victim to a delayed checkout process, or even had their accounts blocked from attempting to do so do a lot of purchases in too short a time window.

In other words, the Steam Deck reservations launch has been just like any other gaming hardware pre-order launch lately. It seems that these pre-order kick-offs always collapse because a lot of people want to reserve or order a unit, and you don’t have to search social media to find stories of people trying to reserve a Steam deck just to walk away frustrated and defeated.

YouTuber Michael Fisher, perhaps better known as MrMobile, shared the tweet shown above with screenshots of various error messages. Several people shared screenshots of their own error messages in the responses to this tweet, regardless of whether they went down completely during the checkout process or as Steam. Rick and Morty Co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland had his own problems trying to pick up a Steam deck and shared an error message that said, “It looks like you’ve tried a lot of purchases in the past few hours. Please wait a while before trying again. ”

The Verge’s Sean Hollister, on the other hand, encountered an error message stating that his Steam account was too new to reserve a Steam deck at the moment. Steam restricts the reservation of Steam Decks for new accounts until Sunday July 18, so some will undoubtedly see that news today. The problem is, Hollister says he has had his Steam account since then Half-life 2 came out, making his account one of the oldest Steam accounts in existence and not new by any definition of the term.

So, if you’ve tried ordering a Steam deck only to be greeted by bugs and timeouts, you seem to be in good company. Did you manage to reserve a Steam Deck? Go to the comments section and let us know!

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