Steam deck reservations are already being sold on eBay at absolutely stupid prices


When Valve announced it Steam deck yesterday it also revealed a to plan To prevent resellers from making a profit from the limited offer: Everyone who makes a reservation must have purchased on Steam before June 2021. The goal is to make sure no one can create a ton of new Steam accounts and then use them to reserve a large pile of Steam Decks that can later be unloaded at massively inflated prices.

It’s a strategy that might prevent institutional resellers from doing banking, but it’s not a perfect firewall. Steam Deck Reservations went live today and the online auction page Ebay already floats in the “confirmed advance sale” at prices far above cost price. For example, a listing for a 64GB unit has a bid of $ 550 and a “Buy Now” price of $ 750 – almost double the regular price of $ 399. The lowest price I’ve seen for a 512GB device is $ 949; at least one real optimist demands more than twice as much.

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