Stages on Android badly in need of voice chat and it seems Google is getting closer to release. At least for those who want the feature, that’s the hope.

Stadia keeps adding new games to the library, so Google keeps updating the Stadia app. And the latest update brings the app to version 3.2. What does it contain? not a lot of user-related stuff, but it seems there is new evidence of continued work on the Voice chat function.

This suggests that Google is actually getting closer to releasing the feature. When and when it finally arrives, playing with friends becomes a lot easier. Especially with multiplayer content. Because the last thing you want to do is get into a large group activity and not have proper or efficient communication with your teammates.

Voice chat in Stadia for Android may have separate volume levels

You can usually set this up with a headset, but it looks like this Stages For Android, the voice chat function may have separate volumes.

References in the code of the latest version of the Stadia app are for volume for game and party. This should mean that you can adjust both volume levels independently.

This can be a must if you are using voice chat for more strategic communication. Like Destiny 2 raids or major Battle Royale matches in PUBG. Without this you would have to turn down the volume for the game and also have to deal with lower volume in chat.

Which one isn’t really that useful. This is a great way to increase the voice chat and decrease the game volume until you have a good balance. This allows you to hear important audio in the game, such as: B. Footsteps of players, while hearing your teammates more clearly.

Keyboard and mouse support for Android? Maybe…

There is little evidence to suggest that Stadia on Android has some keyboard and mouse support. However, it is not clear whether this is supposed to be something for the user.

It’s possible that Google baked this into the app as something to be used internally for testing purposes. But that also means that this may also be important for users. If the latter is what this is supposed to be, then Stadia users on Android may be able to use the keyboard and mouse input to control games.

You can currently use KBM to play games in Stadia, but only through the Chrome browser on Chromebooks, Windows PCs, and Mac computers. While Android has controller support and touch controls, the Chromecast Ultra only supports controllers.

This would be an interesting way to allow player input for mobile devices. Note, however, that it is not clear whether Google is actually working to make this feature available to users.

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