Spring in Davos: First-time visitor’s impressions of the World Economic Forum


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Submitted by Vmware

Back when I was a girl on a hill outside of Johannesburg dreaming of sucking up the world’s pollution with a giant vacuum, I never thought that one day I would climb another hill – in a gondola, no less – with Heads of state, billionaires, and even a few royalty. But at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, such moments are the order of the day.

I was invited to the forum’s annual meeting to share a business perspective on the role that nature-based solutions play in net-zero strategies such as VMware’s 2030 Agenda. And our team had a busy agenda. We were there to speak with global leaders about sustainability and the twin transformations of energy and digital, to hear political concerns about digital and corporate sovereignty, and to share our views on the importance of a secure, interoperable and sustainable multi-cloud platform.

But as a first-time WEF attendee, I didn’t…

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