Spotify is testing a new TikTok-style video feed on its beta iOS app that displays video clips in full screen mode while songs are playing. TechCrunch Reports. The feature was first discovered by Chris Messinawho posted a video of the feed in action. When available, the video feed is accessible via a new fourth tab in the navigation bar called “Explore”. Individual tracks can then be liked as you scroll through the feed, and there is also a three-dot menu icon to show options for each song.

Spotify confirmed the test in a statement TechCrunch, however declined to comment on whether or when there could be a broader rollout. “At Spotify, we routinely run a series of tests to improve our user experience,” said a spokesman. “Some of these tests end up paving the way for our broader user experience and others just serve as important learning tools. We don’t have any more news to share right now. “

The test comes as Netflix has started testing a similar user interface on its iOS app to help users discover new content to watch. It’s new “Child clips” function shows content from its child-friendly shows and follows the start of a similar one “Quick laughFeed them earlier this year. As TikTok engagement times are skyrocketing, even non-social media platforms are interested in using the format to help users interact with their own services.

The Discover feed seems to build on Spotify’s existing canvas feature, which allows artists to play videos alongside their music on the service. The videos shown in the Discover feed appear to be the same ones used for Canvas. TechCrunch Remarks.

An interesting sign of how formats are changing is the discovery of Spotify’s new test almost a year to the day after the service began using a. has experimented Snapchat-style story function alongside several of his playlists. Who knows what’s going to be fashionable at this time of year next year?

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